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The CIN company



Flova is the exclusive distributor of ARTILIN and CIN brands in St. Maarten, St. Barts and Anguilla. Artlin is now a reference all over the world: wherever the climate favors the development of mildew and insect proliferation, our company provides a solution for the improvement of health conditions. All our high quality products are carefully selected and always, and always will respect human beeing and the nature. An ideal paint, safe, that respect the nature, this is what we call an "intelligent paint".

Functional paints

In addition to our range of decorative painting, we offer for sale revolutionary products : we are talking about "Functional" paints.

"Nature" Paints

The taking into account of "green" and "sustainable" aspects is now inevitable! Our paints help reduce the ecological footprint and meet the requirements for environmental respect . Your walls will be even greener, contributing to your well-being. Flova represents the best choice for the planet and your world.



This is the Insecticide, miticide and resistant to mildew paint: UNIQUE IN THE WORLD. ARTILIN 3A MATE acts by simple contact. The active molecule is attached in the paint and is released only when insect or mite lands on the painted surface. The insecticide penetrates through the legs of the insect, and then reached his central nervous system. In no time, the insect dies. ARTILIN MATE 3A is an insecticide and acaricide fintion paint, in aqueous phase, with matt appearance, white or pastel colors, applicable on interior walls and ceilings. Its film is resistant to mold and prevents the formation of spiders' webs. The 3A MATE paint destroys by contact : mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, centipedes, and dust mites. The paint has an immediate effect certified for at least 3 years of 100% efficiency. ARTILIN 3A MATE helps to improve hygiene and to limit the presence of allergens in homes and business premises.  

And much more !

BACTESOIE & KREMASOIE our specific product line for health care facilities and food premises. Discover our range of mold and mildew resistant products, like VINYLMAT and VINYLSOIE . We are also proud to present you THERMOCIN : concentrate of technology, this product has high total solar reflectance (TSR) and high thermal emissivity which allows a reduction of the indoor air temperature up to 6 ┬░ C. Discover the perfect lacquer: CINACRYL. Ultra resistant, lasting, easy to apply, odorless and Excell Green certified. GLYCELO, a surprising paint to be apply directly on the gypsum board without complete coating and without undercoat, and will conceal in only two coats the heterogeneous background consisting of the plasterboard epidermis and the gypsum that covers the joints and mounting holes. What about AQUASTOP the full range to waterproof and protect the porous materials indoors or outdoors... "And much more !"
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