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The best choice for the planet

The taking into account of "green" and "sustainable"aspects is now inevitable!
Our paints can reduce the ecological footprint and always meet environmental compliance requirements. Reduce the maximum VOC in paints that are already water based, or propose equipement made from recycled materials, and always strive for excellence; these are just some of the Flova's ambition. Your walls will be even greener, contributing to your well-being. Flova is the best choice for the planet and your world. An adequate and efficient paint, which respects both man and nature, it is now possible and that's a "smart paint".

What are the VOC?

VOCs - volatile organic compounds - are substances that affect the quality of indoor air and will have adverse effects on the environment. In the paintings, they are commonly found in solvents that improve the ease of application of a painting and drying time.

At the edge of innovation

At the forefront of innovation and the most advanced technological solutions to protect the environment and the surrounding society, CIN offers water-based products, that is to say with a lower VOC content which allows both low environmental impact, a minor impact on the health of those who apply or who benefit from areas painted with CIN paints.
Our paintings are rated A+ on the level of emission of volatile pollutants in indoor air. The emissions of pollutants are very low within the house, thus improving the quality of the air. The greater part of our products are also resistant to mold growth, limiting the presence of allergens responsible for asthma attacks.


Inspira is the first painting of the market that reduces its impact on the environment. Containing less than one gram per liter of VOCs and available in all colors. It is easy to apply and has an excellent price / quality ratio. Ideal for living spaces, INSPIRA ZERO COV is the very low odor paint that protects the applicator, users and the environment. It provides the best performance with much less VOCs than conventional paints, and, in any color you desire.
  la peinture zero cov