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Withstand extreme conditions

The facade is an essential element of the architectural heritage, it is important to preserve, and CIN brings it a very special attention. The outer surfaces are subjected to extreme conditions: the sun, UV rays, rain and humidity, are responsible for their degradation. CIN offers a wide range of solutions developed specifically to meet the needs of facade paints. Suitable for traditional or contemporary works, but also to solve multiple problems, CIN offers a range of high performance facade coatings to simultaneously repair, protect and beautify the facades.

Effective and unique range

CIN is constantly seeking solutions for paintings that respond effectively to different market needs and contribute to the environmental protection and enhancement of heritage.
This catalog presents 165 colors for the exterior that combine protection and aesthetics (color, texture and finish) of the buildings. These colors are unique and exclusive colors CIN. They result from a rigorous study of dyes and pigments conducted by the Centre for Research and Development CIN. The main objective of this study was to create a range of colors combined with excellent outdoor resistance. All colors in this product line offer a variety of choices for outdoors color answers, whether contemporary architecture, historic buildings, rehabilitation or whether it is simply maintenance of facades.
Discover our exterior products

Quality and Performance

Flova is proud to present GLYCELITE HP FONGE, a unique paint to apply directly to your walls without fixative, UV resistant to mold and algae. Significant technology-based Hydro Pliolite® resins penetrates support in depth. Our microporous paints are not plastic and provide resistance to water while leaving their breathing support. It is also possible to treat the phenomenon of capillary rising not retaining the water vapor in the walls, but rather to promote evaporation.

Chose the exterior paint that you need:



Interior and exterior. Attach slightly chalking funds and improve the performance of topcoats. Sanitize the walls and provide better resistance to condensation and mold.


Aqueous primer based on a new generation of EBS technology containing Hydro-Pliolite® resins for application on interior walls and facades. Homogenize the absorption of the support or promote a barrier against alkalinity.


Act as fixative primer, sealer and consolidator for facades. To apply in interior and exterior on friable, dusty or alkalis medias.


Primer insulator that prevents the migration of various stains, cigarette smoke, dry damp patches, or fire smoke, nicotine, water rings. Applicable on all media.


Algaecide and fungicide disinfectant liquid for facades, walls, roofs and ceilings. Disinfection of contaminated materials that come with algae or mold.


Inside and outside. Deep matt. Hides imperfections. All media.


Aqueous lacquer, matt or satin. Ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, corridors, schools, hospitals... High quality finish, resistance and washability.


Microporous paint for facades in aqueous phase based on EBS technology containing Hydro PLIOLITE® resins.

Novaqua HD

100% acrylic water-based paint for the protection of facades. Excellent resistance to mildew, algae, dirt.

Cinoflex RT

Aqueous paint for facades based on polysiloxanes modified resins, which allows to obtain a film with excellent water repellency and provides that the dust and dirt does not stick and are easily removed.

Vinyl XT

Aqueous paint of good quality for facade painting. Recommended for outdoor application on cement mortar, stone and previously painted plaster.

Cinoxano EVO

Self-cleaning aqueous paint for facades, based on polysiloxanes modified resins, which allows to obtain a film with excellent water repellency and provides that dust and dirt do not stick and are easily removed.


Indoor and Outdoor. Decorative opaque lasure in aqueous phase for wooden.


Exterior Wood varnish. Also contains UV filters that offer high protection against the harmful effects of the sun. It forms a film that is weather resistant, protects and preserves.

Teak Oil

Natural wood treatment, protects from the weather while enhancing its brilliance. Contains UV filters.


The stain penetrates the wood, forming a thin film on the surface, both breathable and flexible, which enables it to support contractions and expansions of the natural wood. Applicable  outside or inside.

Imperflex Roofing

Reticular acrylic coating for photo-sealing and waterproofing roofs and terraces. Its high solar reflectance allows a reduction of the indoor temperature.

Waterproof Mortar

Mortar based on hydraulic binders, special charges and waterproofing additives. Prevents and treats problems caused by water infiltration in the buried materials under high water pressures, such as tanks, swimming pools, elevator tanks...

Hydro SB Floors

Water repellent based on silicone resins in solvent phase for porous materials in floors. Waterproof, preventing the entry of water and protects the media against weather damage.

Hydro WB Facades

Aqueous emulsion based on silane / siloxane. Waterproof the non-cracked porous supports, to prevent the entry of water and protect against weather damage.

Hydro SB Wood

Solvent phase silicone repellent for wood. Waterproofing dry wood inside and outside except for the very rich tannins wood. (Afzelia, oak, framiré, iroko, chestnut, cherry, okume, redwood, cedar ...).

Imper Bedrock

Bituminous emulsion used to protect concrete, iron or wood surfaces in a humid environment and on bedrocks. Recommended for buried and submerged structures.

Anti-saltpeter Primer

Aqueous coating, which delays the appearance of efflorescence (salt deposits formed on the surface of the concrete, or cement mortars from soluble substances in the water after their evaporation).