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Decontaminant fungicide and algaecide
Wide spectrum of action
Easy Application
Very Effective


Disinfectant liquid for prevention or treatment of micro organisms such as mold, fungi, lichens and mosses. Applicable on all materials or areas even painted inside / outside.

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INSIDE & Outside


n / a


water, dilution 1: 5

Limestone brush or brush

3 to 5 m² / L diluted

1 to 2 COATS

Dust dry - Approx. 10 minutes
Recoatable - Approx. 24 hours

- Classification "Indoor Air Quality" second French regulations (Decree of 19 April 2011 on the labeling of construction products or wall covering or floor paints and varnishes and their volatile pollutant emissions) A+
- Excell + Certification: high level of requirements, which ensures that emissions of volatile chemicals will not be likely to cause organoleptic quality alteration of sensitive products (eg wine channels) by indirect contact or poor living comfort due to the presence of specific contaminants

1 - 5L

N / A

2 YEARS stored in original packaging inside, between 5 ° and 40 ° C