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Insecticide & Dust mites paint


The insecticide and acaricide paint finish, in aqueous phase, matt in appearance, white or pastel colors, for use on interior walls and ceilings. The resulting film is resistant to mold growth and prevents the formation of spider's web. 3A MATE paint destroy by contact mosquitoes (European and tropical), mites and also acts against all kinds of crawling and flying insects (flies, mosquitoes, ants, cockroaches and others). The paint is effective immediately and certified for at least 3 years.

Unlike other insecticides, ARTILIN 3A MATE emits no odor, does not use a propellant and does not require specialized device such as traps, bait. This is also the most certified and controlled biocide on the market, which guarantees high level of safety for human being and animals. 3A MATE offers discreet and safe protection for years.

Ranked A+, ARTILIN 3A MATE contributes to the improvement of the health and to limit the presence of allergens in the home and business premises. Download the color chart

la peinture anti moustiques anti insectes


ARTILIN 3A MATE acts on contact.

The active molecule is fixed in the paint and is only released when an insect or mites lands on the painted surface. The insecticide penetrates through the legs of the insect then reaches the central nervous system. In no time, the insect dies. 3A MATE is innocuous, it has no effect on humans and animals.


La peinture insecticide 3A MATE est classée A+ Dust mites are a common problem in most homes and preferentially affect the respiratory systems of allergy sufferers. ARTILIN 3A MATEeliminates dust mites, limiting the presence of allergens responsible for asthma attacks; and resists mold growth, another source of allergens.

In 70% of the cases of asthma attacks, the causative agents of this disease are mites. The paint leads to a decrease of the mite population to lower levels than what is medically considered to limit irritability. It thus helps to reduce the intensity and frequency of asthma attacks and allergic reactions, all without any danger for humans and domestic animals.


La peinture insecticide 3A MATE est classée A+

ARTILIN 3A MATE paints are rated A+ on the level of the Emissions of Volatile Pollutants in indoor air. They thus contribute to the improvement of hygiene and the elimination of allergens in the home.

Our paints complies with (EU) No 528/2012 regulation, which ensures efficiency and a high level of the protection of human and animal health and the environment, when used as described in the insert.


Unlike other insecticides, ARTILIN 3A MATE emits no odor, does not use a propellant and does not require specific devices such as traps with bait. The 3A MATE gives you a silent protection for years. Use biocides safely. Before use, read the label and product information.
La peinture insecticide 3A MATE est certifiée EXCELL+

Excell + Certification: High level of requirement, which ensures that the emissions of volatile chemicals compounds will not be likely to cause organoleptic quality alteration of sensitive products (ex wine channels) or to cause by indirect contact a poor living comfort due to the presence of specific contaminants.