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The constant humidity, the warm temperatures and the indoors spores proliferation, three combined factors under the tropics that create ideal conditions for mold to easely spread. Painted surfaces from the the facade to the bedroom, as far as the bathroom are continually in prey to these microorganisms that can quickly invade the walls of the buildings. Their propagation is the main cause of aesthetics disorder and will cause hygiene or health problems. Molds are source of indoor air pollution and two factors are involved:

- The Organics Volatils Compounds (VOC) that occur during development and which are responsible for the musty smell.

  • - The spores, sometimes allergens can cause irritations, urticarias, asthma attacks up to a lung infection.


Validated efficiency

Test performed according to the standard NF X41520 (ISO846) 21 days at 25-27 ° C with a relative humidity at 85-90%. Top, Petri dishes containing conventional witnesses paintings. Down, fungicides paintings ARTILIN having resisted mold growth.
In this area, the specificity of ARTILIN products lies in the development of a painting at zero edibility, which can serve as a mold feeder medium, as it is often the case. Deprived of food source, they are unable to grow.

Paint resistance to mold provides to protect treated surfaces durablement, indoor or outdoor. Resistant up to 10 strains to the most virulent and widespread molds, anti-mold paint ARTILIN comply with the NF X 41520 (ISO846 with aging) (paintings resistance to micro-organisms). It can be used preventively or curatively. It's also available in an extensive range covering all business needs, both in terms of media as finishing qualities.

Chose the anti-mold product that you need:



Interior and exterior. Attach slightly chalking funds and improve the performance of topcoats. Sanitize the walls and provide better resistance to condensation and mold.


Algaecide and fungicide disinfectant liquid for facades, walls, roofs and ceilings. Disinfection of contaminated materials that come with algae or mold.
FINIsh paint


Inside and outside. Deep matt. Hides imperfections. All media.


Interior semi-matt. All medias and washable.


Aqueous lacquer, matt or satin. Ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, corridors, schools, hospitals... High quality finish, resistance and washability.


Highest quality paint with a smooth decorative effect that customizes the interior wall decoration. Gives a refined touch.


Interior paint with less than 0.99g VOC /Litre. Washable.


Microporous paint for facades in aqueous phase based on EBS technology containing Hydro PLIOLITE® resins.

Novaqua HD

100% acrylic water-based paint for the protection of facades. Excellent resistance to mildew, algae, dirt.

Cinoflex RT

Aqueous paint for facades based on polysiloxanes modified resins, which allows to obtain a film with excellent water repellency and provides that the dust and dirt does not stick and are easily removed.

Vinyl XT

Aqueous paint of good quality for facade painting. Recommended for outdoor application on cement mortar, stone and previously painted plaster.

Cinoxano EVO

Self-cleaning aqueous paint for facades, based on polysiloxanes modified resins, which allows to obtain a film with excellent water repellency and provides that dust and dirt do not stick and are easily removed.


Interior. The Insecticide and miticide paint.


Recommended for health facilities, canteens, cold rooms, kitchens, food premises.


Special health and hygiene, eliminates bacteria.


Aqueous phase coating which reduces the temperature inside of buildings. Especially recommended to cover the roofs of buildings and industrial warehouses. It has a high total solar reflectance (TSR) and high thermal emissivity.


Indoor and Outdoor. Decorative opaque stain in aqueous phase for wooden.


Exterior Wood varnish. Also contains UV filters that offer high protection against the harmful effects of the sun. It forms a film that is weather resistant, protects and preserves.


Reticular acrylic coating for photo-sealing and waterproofing roofs and terraces. Its high solar reflectance allows a reduction of the indoor temperature.

Your Safety, our priority

Our product ranges are rated A+ on the emission level of volatile pollutants in indoor air level. Emissions of harmful substances are very low inside the house, thus improve the quality of the air. Paints resist mold growth, limiting the presence of allergens responsible for asthma attacks.

ARTILIN and CIN complie with Regulation (EU) No 528/2012, which guarantees efficiency and a high level of protection of human health, animal and the environment, when used under the recommended conditions.

La pluspart de nos produits sont classés A+