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At the forefront of innovation, CIN developed the technology Thermocin. A paint able to reflect the sunlight:

Reduce energy consumption in buildings

High ability to reflect solar radiation

Improved thermal comfort

Thermal energy absorbed is quickly released

THERMOCIN the forefront of innovation

How it works?

The more an object absorbs solar energy, the more the heat builds up. Conversely, the higher the solar reflectance, the higher the object remains cold.

Thanks to the properties of high solar reflectance of THERMOCIN the surface remains cold and of high thermal emittance. High solar reflectance reduces solar heat gain while the high thermal emittance improves the thermal radiative cooling.

Especially recommended for painting the roofs of buildings and warehouses, we present THERMOCIN. Concentrate technology, this product has a high total solar reflectance (TSR) and high thermal emissivity. Applicable on metal roofs, concrete, fiber cement or clay tiles. Thermocin allows a reduction of the temperature up to 6 ° C indoors. It also offers the opportunity to reduce energy consumption for air conditioning use.
technologie thermocin Technological paint with high total solar reflectance (TSR) and high thermal emissivity. Thermocin allows decreasing temperature up to 6 ° C indoors, reducing the energy consumption associated with the use of air conditioning. Combine Nature & Technology, that is the Flova's mind.



Recommended for paint the roofs of buildings and industrial warehouses. Protection, sealing and waterproofing for roofs and terraces.