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The CIN company


Flova is the sole authorized dealer of the ARTILIN & CIN brands on the islands of St. Maarten, St. Barts and Anguilla. Our goal is to bring you the essential paints, functional and perfectly adapted to the environment, both by their qualities of resistance and by respect for nature, humans and animals. Safety is our priority, it goes through the careful selection of products with very few volatile organic chemicals compounds, classified as A+, see INSPIRA, the new Cin's paint with 0 VOC.

The consideration of "green" aspects and "sustainable" is now inevitable! Our paints can reduce the ecological footprint and meet environmental compliance requirements. Your walls will even be greener, contributing to your well-being. Flova is the best choice for the planet and your world. And this is what we call an intelligent paint.


ARTILIN was created in 1932, an experience of over 80 years manufacturing functional paints. Today ARTILIN is a trademark of CELLIOSE company founded in 1929 in Lyon. Specialist of high-tech solvent or aqueous phases paints with oven, IR or UV drying, CELLIOSE is itself a subsidiary of the Portuguese family group CIN created in 1917, with his strong experience of paints by its dominant position over the Iberian and international market, since 2007. Sotinco, with it's product lineup Aquastop, is specialised in technological waterproof paints, and is also a CIN's subsidiary.


CIN employs more than 1,000 people at its plants in Portugal, Spain, France, Angola, Mozambique and with participation and partnerships in several other countries on 5 continents. The turnover of CIN exceeds 200 million euros, of which ┬▒ 25% for export. CIN is a founding member of the Nova Paint Club which includes more than 16 independent manufacturers in 5 countries:



CIN by its R & D laboratories, its plants and sales marketing teams, masters the most advanced technologies in the field of interior and exterior building paints with traditional or functional paints: anticorrosion, general industry or specialties and also in "thermo hardenable powder" paintings.