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Saving energy by reducing the consumption of air conditioners
Improved thermal comfort in buildings
Increase of lifetime of the roof
Reduce the greenhouse effect by reducing CO2 emissions
Great weather resistance and easy application
Resistant to algae and fungi attacks


At the forefront of innovation, CIN developed the technology Thermocin, a paint capable of reflecting sunlight. Especially recommended for the painting of the roofs of buildings and warehouses, this product has a high Total Solar Reflectance (TSR) and high thermal emissivity. Applicable on metal roofs, concrete, fiber cement tiles or clay. Thermocin allows decreasing temperature up to 6 ° C indoors. Thus reducing the energy consumption related to the use of air conditioning.

When global warming and the Greenhouse effect is emerging as one of the greatest current threats to our planet. Thermocin is a CIN's innovative solution that meets the requirements of both economic and environmental energy certifications for homes. * The tests performed with Thermocin reveal interior air temperature decrease of -6 ° C, compared to an area without Thermocin. The atmospheric concentration of various gases from human activities is that the heat is retained causing the "greenhouse effect." Carbon dioxide is the main problem which increases the effect and grows in proportion to the increase in the use of energy. It is for each of us to contribute to the reduction of this consumption. Maintaining the optimum temperature inside homes and workplaces is one of the factors in electricity costs, which now requires more care and spending discipline and management of energy consumption. And it is in this context that Thermocin, reflective heat paint for roof is a simple and effective solution towards greater sustainability and respect for the environment!

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* Metal roofs, clay tile, concrete, fiber cement. (* with a primer adapted)

Matt / smooth

white & brick

water, 5 %DILUTION (1st coat)


10 to 12 m² / L ( flat tile )
6 to 8 m² / L ( wavy tile)


Dust dry - Approx. 30 minutes
Recoatable- Approx. 8 hours

- Emissivity (e) agreement NF EN 15976: 93%
- Coefficient solar absorption, okay NF EN 14500: 0.17
- Solar Reflectance Index (SRI), calculated according to ASTM E 1980: 104
- Note: In accordance with the regulations of the characteristics of the thermal behavior of buildings (RCCTE), published in Decree-Law No 80/2006, typical values for the solar absorption coefficient of the outer surface are: pastel - 0.4; medium color - 0.5; dark color - 0.8.

5 or 15 L

PAINTED METALS : Primaire Stop Manchas

2 years stored in original packaging inside, between 5 ° and 40 ° C