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Easily applicable
fast drying
Very low odor
Resistant to soiling and scratches
Resists yellowing
Mold resistant Film
Washable and products


CINACRYL is an aqueous lacquer with faster drying times and a less intense odor than those in solvent. Its high quality finish provides greater durability and washability than conventional aqueous paints. Ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, corridors, schools, hospitals, etc ...
Mildew resistant, washable and resistant to chemicals, CINACRYL is a 100% acrylic lacquer high quality used when desired ultra-resistant finish. It can be applied indoors and outside on all types of walls, wood and even metal surfaces or ceramic conveniently prepared.

Environmental concerns, coupled with technological development now enable the creation of 100% aqueous paints with a similar finish to those based on solvents. Now aqueous coatings developed by CIN research have low odor, have no toxic components, and provide a distinct advantage when applying. CYNACRYL offers both a perfect tense, also available in satin matt, and water-resistant qualities to chemicals products, scratches, marks, yellowing and mildew, making it one of the best paints available in the market.

Download the technical data sheet in matt / in satiny

Download the safety data sheet in matt / in satiny



SEMI-Mat / smooth OR satin / smooth


WATER, 10% DILUTION (1st layer), THEN 5%


12 to 15 m² / L

2 to 3 COATS, light sanding between layers

Dust dry - Approx. 1 hours
Recoatable - Approx. 6 hours

- Reaction to fire - B-s1, d0 according to EN 13501-1
- Specular Gloss - Semi-gloss (less than 60 with incidence angle 60º and above 10 with incidence angle 85º)
- Resistance to washability and wet rubbing - Class II (5000 wet scrub cycles)
- Resistance to cracking of high thickness - Up to 200 microns dry thickness
- Certification Zone Excell Green (Silver): high level of requirements, which allows s to ensure that emissions of volatile chemical compounds will not be likely to cause organoleptic quality alteration of sensitive products (eg wine channels) by indirect contact or or poor comfort of life due to the presence of specific contaminants. Products without danger within the meaning of Directive 1999/45 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council OJ L200 30/07/1999

0,75 - 4 or 15 L

chalking walls : Primario Cinolite or glyceprim fonge
Ceramic, Wood, Metals, stained walls : Primario stop manchas
new PLASTERBOARD : GLyceprim fonge
Mildew & algae: treat with ARTIBIOSE HP

2 years stored in original packaging inside, between 5 ° and 40 ° C