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Anti-dust mites
Certified efficiency 3 YEARS Minimum
Reinforced hygiene
Resistant pellicle to mold growth


ARTILIN MATE 3A is an insecticide and acaricide fintion paint, in aqueous phase, with matte white appearance, applicable on interior walls and ceilings. His pellicle is resistant to mold and prevents the formation of spiders' webs. The paint 3A MATE destroys by contact mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches and dust mites. The paint has an immediate effect and certified for at least 3 years. ARTILIN 3A MATE helps to improve hygiene and to limit the presence of allergens in homes and business premises.

Download technical data sheet

Download safety data sheet


Cement plaster, concrete, plastered, plaster blocks, plasterboard cardboard, old adhering matt paint.


White & Pastel colors

WATER Ready to use (DO NOT DILUTE)


14 m² / L

1 to 2 COATS

Dust dry - Approx. 1 hours
Recoatable - Approx. 6 hours

- Classification NF T 36-005: Family I Class 7a2
- Film is resistant to mold (standard NF X41-520 Method of paintings microorganisms resistance test)
- Excell + Certification: high standards, which ensures that the Emissions of volatile chemical compounds are not likely to cause deterioration of the organoleptic quality of sensitive products by indirect contact or a bad comforts of life because of the presence of specific contaminants. Products without danger within the meaning of Directive 1999/45 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council OJ L200 30/07/1999 - Insecticide Efficacy test laboratory CET

2,5 or 10 L

ARTIBIOSE HP if contaminated by mold or algae
GLYCEPRIM FONGE underlayment

2 years stored in original packaging inside, between 5 ° and 40 ° C